Sell you Gold Coins

The value of your coins will be based on the gold or silver purity content. However, some coins are collectibles and will be evaluated upon their inspections at our office. All US Dime, Quarters, Half Dollar, and Dollar coins made before 1965 are of 90% silver purity and are worth much more than their face value. For those who are seeking coins for investment or for collections we can assist you as well. INSTANT JEWELRY APPRAISAL

Sell Your Diamonds

Diamonds are among the most luxurious pieces of jewelry in the world! There are different grades of diamonds available in the market, so before you sell, you should know what you really have. We have a highly qualified team of experts who determine the kind of diamond you have, and then offer you the best price for it. The size of the diamond piece you have also influences the price, and the price obviously increases with the size.

Sell Luxury Watches

If you are in a position to sell your watch, then you’ve come to the right place. This is a one stop watch and jewelry shop for all your needs, whether it’s an inherited a luxury watch or a jewelry you wish to sell. In fact, you’ll be surprised how fast we can value your piece and make a very competitive offer!

Sell Your Jewelry

We are the best jewelry buyers available in the market! This is because we determine the price of your pieces by measuring their weight and multiplying with the price of the fundamental weight. This means that you will get the best compensation for your jewelry. With our good reputation and positive feedback, you can be sure that you will obtain the best price in the entire market when you sell your jewelry to us.

3 Easy-Step Process

Get a free market price appraisal for your watch, jewelry, and/or diamond quote.

Request a pre-paid label and mail in your item.

After verifying your item, you will get contacted with both the price and the consignment offer.



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